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Germany: Escape through the Tunnel 

August 6, 2021

A contemporary witness tells how refugees got over the Berlin Wall.

Deutschland Geschichte Berlin Mauer DDR-Grenzer suchen nach Fluchttunnel
Image: ullstein - Kasperski
Galerie Berliner Mauer Tunnelbau
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/Keussler

Germany: Escape through the tunnel 

A contemporary witness tells how refugees got over the Berlin Wall. Sixty years ago, the then GDR began building it.





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Greece: Devastating fires

The Day in Pictures | Griechenland Waldbrände bei Drossopigi
Image: Eurokinissi/ZUMA Wire/imago images

Greece is looking for strategies to better prepare for forest fires in the future. On the island of Euboea, residents accuse the authorities of negligence.



Fokus Europa-Sendung | Island Namibia Fischerei
Image: DW

Iceland: Journalists targeted 

An Icelandic company is putting critical journalists under pressure. They had reported on corruption and bribery allegations in connection with fish licenses off the coast of Namibia.



Fokus Europa Bosnien Wildpferde
Image: SWR

Bosnia-Herzegovina: The wild horse problem

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, anger is growing over horses living in the wild. Nobody feels responsible - except for private helpers.



Fokus Europa Niederlande Papphaus
Image: ZDF

House made of cardboard

In the Netherlands, the first weatherproof and ecological houses are being built from cardboard. But the builders still have a lot of convincing to do.



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