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Germany considering new missile shield

March 28, 2022

The system would be based on Israel's Arrow 3 model and would be capable of intercepting long-range ballistic missiles. "We must prepare ourselves," said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

A rocket takes off
An Israeli 'Arrow 3' missile interceptor Image: Israeli Defence Ministry/AFP

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed on Sunday that his government is considering setting up a missile shield for the whole of Germany.

The missile defense system will be based on the Israeli model.

What did Scholz say?

"[A missile shield] is certainly among the things we are discussing, for good reason," Scholz told broadcaster ARD.

"We must all prepare ourselves for the fact that we have a neighbor presently ready to use force to assert its interests."

Scholz declined to give any more details on the possible plan, adding that that it was not final.

Olaf Scholz being interviewed by Anne Will on ARD; Scholz and Will are sitting on beige sofa chairs and three screens in the background show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaking through video link to an auditorium
Scholz spoke about the possible missile system during an interview on the popular show 'Anne Will'Image: Wolfgang Borrs/NDR/dpa/picture alliance

Shortly after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February, Scholz announced a €100 billion ($110 billion) special fund for strengthening Germany's military.

According to German newspaper Bild, Germany's chancellor discussed how to use the fund with Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on Wednesday.

What do we know about the Israeli model?

German newspaper Bild am Sonntag had previously reported that Germany was considering purchasing an Israeli Arrow 3 system. This system would cost €2 billion ($2.2 billion), the newspaper reported. 

The Arrow system is capable of destroying long-range ballistic missiles and can function at altitudes as high as the stratosphere.

Israel's Arrow system is not to be confused with the Iron Dome, which destroys lower-flying short-range missiles. Germany's Bundeswehr already has a Patriot system which is capable of intercepting short-range missiles.

Significant German military participation in new NATO project: DW's Simon Young

sdi/wmr (dpa, AFP)

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