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Germany: 2 killed in shooting near Kiel

May 19, 2021

A police search for a suspect is underway in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein after a man and a woman were killed in a house.

Police gather outside of a house near Kiel
Police outside the duplex where 2 people were found deadImage: Alex Heimken/dpa/picture alliance

A man and a woman were shot dead in the town of Dänischenhagen on Thursday, police in the nearby city of Kiel said in a press release.

Police said they received a call reporting gun shots at around 10 a.m. Two dead bodies and shell casings were then found in a duplex house. A white SUV is believed to have fled from the scene, police said. 

A similar white SUV was later seen in a Kiel neighborhood, approximately 12 kilometers (7 miles) south of Dänischenhagen.

Police sealed off parts of the "Brauereiviertel" neighborhood to carry out a search operation, a police spokesperson told local media. 

People watch police seal off part of a Kiel neighborhood
Police carried out a search in Kiel's 'Brauereiviertel'Image: Frank Molter/dpa/picture alliance

Suspect still at large

The local newspaper, Kieler Nachrichten, reported that police units left the Brauereiviertel after the hour-long operation, with a police spokesman saying that the neighborhood is secure.

The white SUV seen in the neighborhood had a similar license plate to the vehicle that reportedly fled the shooting. However, the SUV in Kiel "posed no danger," said police spokesman Marcel Schmidt. 

Police in the state of Schleswig-Holstein said in a tweet they were expanding their search to the region around Kiel, adding that the suspect, still at large, is not a danger to the public, as the crime likely took place in a "personal context."

According to police, there is no indication that the incident could be been part of a mass shooting.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated...

wmr/msh (dpa,AFP)