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Freaky Food

March 10, 2009

There are ways of honoring someone you admire, and then there are simply poor ideas. Two German discount food retailers have hit upon the latter by naming their new fried chicken product "Obama fingers."

Obama fingers
Which part of the Obama are these made of?Image: AP

"Haehnchenstueckchen paniert nach Suedstaatenart" ... that's the clumsy German translation for "Southern fried chicken," and two supermarket discounters have displayed a likewise maladroit understanding of American culture in bringing out a new frozen food delicacy.

Apparently unaware of the historically racist stereotypes connected this particular food item in the United States, the Plus and Netto food retailers have chosen to pay homage to everybody's favorite leader of the free world by using his name for 500-gram packages of ready-to-be-reheated bird parts.

The packaging features a picture of something remotely resembling the Golden Gate Bridge -- the Statue of Liberty was presumably unavailable for the photo shoot -- and is part of a seven-day trial "America Week" the supermarkets are conducting.

Bizarrely, the chicken snacks also come with curry sauce -- not exactly a typical condiment south of the Mason-Dixon line.

What's he going to use now to make a point?Image: AP

A spokesperson for the manufacturer told AP news agency the company hoped to cash on Obama's charisma and boost sales on the back of the president's popularity.

Admirable honesty, but charisma -- as history teaches us -- tends not to be transferrable to things that are hacked apart, stuffed inside a cardboard box and deep frozen.

The fingers will probably be off the shelves by April 3, when their namesake is scheduled to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But if they're not, the chancellor should be wary causing utter befuddlement and potential offense to her guest -- and simply serve him up some good old German sausage.