German Left party′s Berlin HQ evacuated over bomb threat | News | DW | 22.07.2019
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German Left party's Berlin HQ evacuated over bomb threat

The left-wing "Die Linke" political party evacuated their headquarters in Berlin on Monday, after receiving a bomb threat. The police said the situation was safe later on Monday.

The left-wing political party "Die Linke" was forced to evacuate its Berlin headquarters on Monday, saying that it had received a bomb threat by email. 

The search was called off early afternoon Monday, with police representatives saying that the serious situation was over.

"Right-wing terror reaches us in the form of a threat," the party wrote on Twitter. "An emailed bomb threat leads to an early lunch break." 

Forty people working at the Karl-Liebknecht-House headquarters had been told to leave the building as police began a search for the bomb.

Police investigators said in March that they had recorded over 100 incidents of threatening letters sent out in early 2019. The center-left SPD party headquarters was evacuated in 2015 due to a bomb scare, and 500 people were told to leave an ICE train in Frankfurt last year, after a similar threat.

Both were false alarms. The same police report said they believed right-wing extremists were behind the threats.

jns/msh (AFP, dpa)

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