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Head shot of a woman (Gabriella Gyorgy) with blond, shoulder-length hair
Gabriella GyorgyImage: Laurent Gloor

Gabriella Gyorgy

Budapest-based correspondent for DW's Hungarian service

Gabriella Gyorgy is particularly interested in public life and politics in Hungary and enjoys producing features on social issues.

Gabriella aims to show how great an influence politics has on the lives of average people in Hungary — from the pensioner who lost her home due to the construction of a China-funded high-speed railway link to the Asian worker who faces hostility as a result of the Hungarian government's migration policy.

In addition to her work for DW, Gabriella has been working for ATV, a DW partner in Hungary, for almost ten years. She has, among other things, covered the Hungarian parliamentary, local and European elections

Gabriella studied international relations in Budapest, specializing in EU and civilization studies.