G20 Hamburg: Stars on stage at Global Citizen Festival | All media content | DW | 05.07.2017
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G20 Hamburg: Stars on stage at Global Citizen Festival

On the eve of the G20 summit, musicians including Coldplay, Shakira and Pharrell Williams are coming to the Global Citizen Festival stage in Hamburg to call on politicians to be more active against global poverty.

A free concert for those engaged in social activism, the Global Citizen Festival has drawn big music names to Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit.

Their goal is to draw awareness to issues of global poverty and call the attention of leaders and heads of states who will be attending the summit to global problems that need greater support.

The event, organized by Global Citizen, was first held in New York in 2012. Music fans can win free tickets to the festival by contributing to charity acts on the organization's website.

This year, stars will highlight issues ranging from health care and women's rights to education, nutrition and clean drinking water, along with the refugee crisis.