From head to toe — quirky German idioms based on body parts | Meet the Germans | DW | 03.02.2021

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Meet the Germans

From head to toe — quirky German idioms based on body parts

Idioms based on body parts are popular in both English and German, but they aren't identical. In Germany, stones drop from hearts and some people live on big feet.

Tongue and foot, back and heart: The human body has a wealth of parts that people refer to in idioms every day. Most of the time they can also be easily understood when translated.

Many phrases are identical in both German and English (i.e. "I am all ears"), others are almost the same. In English, you have something on the tip of your tongue; in German, the word or memory you are looking for involves the entire tongue ("Es liegt mir auf der Zunge").

"Take your legs into your hands," and check out our gallery for more interesting and quirky German expressions based on body parts.

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German idioms you'll want to start using now | Meet the Germans

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