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French Vogue Turns 100

October 8, 2021

Vogue magazine is an institution in the fashion world. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, a special exhibition is showing Vogue covers from the past century.

DW Sendung Euromaxx | Vogue
Image: Vogue


Other topics on Euromaxx:


DW Sendung Euromaxx | Room Division
Image: DW

Room Division light design

Berlin interior design company Room Division has earned a reputation for fitting countless bars, clubs and restaurants with stylish lighting. Among their clients is Berlin’s infamous nightclub Berghain.


DW Sendung Euromaxx | Eisenbahn
Image: DW

All aboard the Rigi Railway

This episode of Europe by Train takes us to Switzerland. Watch as DW reporter Axel Primavesi rides the Rigi Railway, Europe’s oldest mountain railroad!



DW Sendung Euromaxx | Goldleder
Image: DW

The art of crafting gilt leather

Two Polish sisters are keeping the tradition of crafting gilt leather alive. They also create exquisite wall coverings following a 400-year-old tradition.



DW Sendung Euromaxx | Äpfel
Image: DW

Trentino’s Apple Road

Italy’s Trentino province is famous for its apples. We explored the so-called Apple Road during harvest season. There is plenty to see.




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