French election campaign - battle of the outsiders? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 09.02.2017
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French election campaign - battle of the outsiders?

It’s a tight race between frontrunners Le Pen and liberal centrist Macron. Which of these two outsiders can win the French presidency? Our guests: Pascale Hugues (Writer), Burkhard Birke (Deutschlandradio), Tony Paterson (The Independent).

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Our guests:

Tony Paterson is the Germany correspondent for The Independent newspaper. He says: "France is being torn apart by the same forces that drove Britain's Brexit - it's time for the moderate candidates in the presidential election to wake up and fight – before it's too late."


Burkhard Birke from German public radio Deutschlandradio is a former France correspondent. He believes that “the French are fed up with corrupt politicians, but not necessarily with Europe.”



Pascale Hugues is a French writer based in Berlin, who says: “Affairs and hidden accounts - the established parties have discredited themselves. The resulting chaos is a huge opportunity for Marine Le Pen.”