Freiburg - A Model for Future Urban Planning | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 16.10.2020

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Freiburg - A Model for Future Urban Planning

Euromaxx travels to the Breisgau region and the city of Freiburg. Home to one of Germany's oldest universities, Freiburg is seen by many as a model for future urban planning.

With respect to climate protection, sustainability and future-proof concepts for living, it’s one of the pioneers. Freiburg was named Germany’s most sustainable city in 2012.

The magazine also introduces the concept of “biophilic architecture” and visits a restaurant in Finland with an innovative zero-waste approach.

More topics: 

In harmony with nature: "Biophilic Architecture”

Wood instead of concrete, curves instead of edges - architecture that loves life. Wood, natural materials, and exposure to sunlight play an essential role in "Biophilic Architecture.”

Urban Farming - Growing food in the city center

Cultivating fruit, herbs, and vegetables in urban city centers is becoming more and more important. Examples include farms on the roofs of Paris or in the port of Rotterdam. This could be the future.

"Nolla" - The Zero-Waste Restaurant in Finland

"Nolla" is the first Finnish restaurant that composts all of its food scraps and leftovers. What’s more: everything is made from recycled materials, including the furniture and dishes.

Sustainable and socially aware: Fashion by Progetto Quid

Progetto Quid works with high-quality fabrics from leading Italian fashion brands that would otherwise be discarded. Socially disadvantaged women use them to craft limited collection designs.

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