Formula One reveal rules revamp to improve the show | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 15.05.2015
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Formula One reveal rules revamp to improve the show

In a bid to make the sport more attractive, Formula One has announced it will introduce rule changes to make cars go faster, louder and look more aggresive. Refuelling will also return.

In a bid to raise the image of Formula One, the sport's governing body, FIA, has revealed plans to make the cars faster, louder and more aggresive with the introduction of a number of rules.

The organization said in a statement on Friday, that rule changes set to be introduced in 2017 have the aim of making cars five to six seconds quicker per lap.

The planned revamp allows new aerodynamics, the use of wider tyres and rules to make the cars lighter. The turbo hybrid engines introduced last year will remain, but they will be higher revving to increase noise levels. Refuelling, which was abolished in 2010, will return.

For 2016 teams will be given a free choice of dry tyre compounds to use during the race weekend, however.

A proposal to increase the engine allocation from four to five per driver for this current season was rejected at the meeting. The FIA also stated that changes to the race weekend format required further investigation before any new decisions could be made.

The special strategy group - consisting of six teams plus FIA officials, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and selected engine manufacturers - made the decisions behind closed doors.

In the press release FIA said the meeting was "paving the way for the future of the championship."

apc/al (AP, dpa, Reuters)