Former Guantanamo inmate ends hunger strike | News | DW | 23.10.2016
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Former Guantanamo inmate ends hunger strike

Abu Wa'el Dhiab, who refused food and water for 68 days after being resettled to Uruguay is to travel to a new country. He spent 12 years imprisoned at the US prison in Cuba for alleged links to Islamist militarism.

Abu Wa'el Dhiab, who was held in extrajudicial detention on the American military base as part of the US-led war on terror, has ended his hunger strike, his support group said on Saturday.

"Vigilia por Diyab (Diyab Watch) confirmed that the Syrian will travel to a new country, but didn't specify where he would go.

"After 68 days on hunger strike, Jihad Diyab's quest for his right to family reunification has reached a middle stage... with his health now a very serious issue, he received an offer to travel," the group said in a statement, referring to Diyab by another name.  It added that the 45-year-old is now on limited feeding.

Diyab was unhappy at being resettled in Uruguay in 2014, Along with five other Guantanamo inmates, he had requested to be moved to another country and reunited with his family.

The inmates complained of feeling isolated in a Spanish-speaking country, which has virtually no Muslim population, and have clashed with authorities over their housing and living allowances.

Officials have said Diyab cannot return to Syria due to the civil war, while Qatar and Turkey have rejected his applications to live there. He declined an offer to bring his family to the Latin American country.

The 45-year-old was reported to have left Uruguay earlier this year, later requesting that the Uruguayan Embassy in Venezuela help him travel to Turkey to be with his family.

He started a hunger strike in August and reports quickly spread that his health was deteriorating.

Diyab, who has never been charged for any alleged links to Islamist militants, drew international attention during his detention at Guantanamo Bay by staging a lengthy hunger strike that threatened his health.

US President Barack Obama has stated that he wants to see the controversy facility closed before he leaves office.

mm/sms (AFP, AP)