Foot exercises on the go | Healthy Living | DW | 01.02.2018

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Healthy Living

Foot exercises on the go

These days people don't move much when they travel. Hours of sitting in cars, buses or airplanes can lead to a leaden feeling in your legs, caused by the blood flow slowing down considerably.

That's why it's important to take steps to avoid thrombosis. In addition to wearing compression stockings, there are simple exercises that will keep the blood in your legs flowing properly. And they're easy to perform in your seat without attracting attention from other passengers. It helps just to alternate raising and lowering your toes and heels. It's also helpful to raise yourself off the seat. Grab the armrests with both hands and push yourself upwards - without standing up - so you're not touching the seat. As soon as you sit down again, place your feet flat on the floor, parallel to each other, and firmly press your thighs together several times. It's most effective if you repeat the exercises several times and if possible, try walking a few steps once an hour.