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Food and agriculture

How can a future world ensure food sources that are not only healthy but secure and sustainable? Could organic farming and vegetarianism be the solutions?

The population is growing. By 2050, there could be 10 billion people on the planet. One of the biggest challenges will be feeding everyone. Even now, food is unfairly distributed — in many countries there is an abundance and obesity, in others, there is barely enough to survive. Global warming will make this problem more acute. Agriculture also contributes to climate change in grand style through its own greenhouse gas emissions. But there are often simple solutions that help farmers to secure or even increase their yields, such as through solar irrigation systems, suitable crop rotation or a switch to organic farming. For their part, consumers can make changes by rethinking their habits. By buying regional and season produce, they reduce their own ecological footprint. They can limit it further by eating less meat and milk products. Or perhaps even going vegan?

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