Filmmakers shaping the future: DW video interview series | Film | DW | 26.02.2018
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Filmmakers shaping the future: DW video interview series

Who are tomorrow's international filmmaking talents? Directors and composers, producers and scriptwriters, individuals from Brazil to Egypt: the future big names of film spoke to DW about what drives them to make movies.

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Passion for film music – Camilla Uboldi

While you might not have yet heard of them, you will want to remember their names. Sixteen young individuals from around the world who are shaping the future of the film industry today.

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In a series of video interviews with DW, they explained how they got interested in the film industry, whether as composers, actors, producers, to name a few roles, and what motivates their work. But they also shared the challenges they face in their work, and how they would like to effect change through their contributions to film.

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On the heels of the Berlinale International Film Festival in the German capital and in the lead-up to the Academy Awards ceremony on March 4 in Hollywood, DW will showcase six of the 15 total video interviews, Check back every day through Saturday for a new video and see:

— How Elit Iscan (Turkey) confronts gender restrictions through her work as an actress

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The power of Elit İşcan

— How Zsofia Talas (Hungary) uses her objective eye as an unseen film editor to contribute to the final visual product

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Magic of editing - Zsófia Tálas

— How Pitobash (India) made the leap from engineering to an actor on the silver screen (top video)

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Between Bollywood and Hollywood - Pitobash

— How Muzna Almusafer (Oman) directs films that push past the "social veil"

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Exploring identity – Muzna Almusafer

— How Mohamad El-Hadidi (Egypt) is boosting Egypt's independent film scene as a producer, director and cinematographer

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03:50 mins.

Films from Egypt - Mohamad El-Hadidi

— How Camilla Uboldi (Mexico) translates a film's concept into her film scores (top video)

You can explore the 10 other interviews through the linked videos below. All the featured filmmakers took part in the Berlinale Talents 2018 networking event, where a total of 250 young creatives in film and drama networked and exchanged ideas. They spoke to DW during the multi-day event.

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