FBI arrests IS-sympathizer over New York bomb plot | News | DW | 17.06.2015
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FBI arrests IS-sympathizer over New York bomb plot

A young American has been arrested in a terror probe, after lunging at an FBI agent with a knife, authorities said. The suspect had allegedly conspired to set off a home-made bomb in New York, and join the "IS" militia.

21-year old Fareed Mumuni was charged with attempting to murder a federal agent after he attacked an FBI agent who was searching his home Wednesday, officials said.

The agent, who was wearing body armor during the Stanton Island raid, sustained only light injuries when Mumuni attacked him with a kitchen knife.

Mumuni is the third suspect detained in a larger terror investigation into a plot to attack New York targets. He allegedly discussed making a pressure cooker bomb with Munther Omar Saleh, 20-year old student of aerodynamics at Queens college.

Saleh instructed Mumuni it was best "to use a bomb and to run over law enforcement with a vehicle, seize the weapons of any victims and use the weapons to shoot other victims," according to the court papers.

The arrests of Saleh and another suspect, who was left unnamed, were announced on Tuesday.

Up to two decades in behind bars

Mumuni, who is an American citizen, grew up in Staten Island, and was studying social work at a local college.

After his arrest, Mumuni told FBI agents he has pledged his alliance to the "Islamic State" (IS) group, authorities said. The suspect also admitted to plans to travel to the Middle East and join the terror group, according to the officials.

Mumuni was denied bail after appearing in front of Brooklyn court later on Wednesday, where he wore a traditional Muslim garb and sandals. If convicted, he faces a prison term of up to 20 years.

Looking for a target

Mumuni's alleged accomplice, Saleh, is also a "fervent supporter" of "IS", according to the court papers.

Prosecutors claim that Saleh emailed himself information on building a pressure cooker bomb, and that Saleh and the third suspect searched for components and tools for a bomb online.

Last month, Saleh looked up New York tourist attractions in search of a location for his attack, according to the prosecutors. Authorities also claim that he was also looking for fire arms, knives, ammunition, masks and a bulletproof vest as well as beards and wigs on the Internet.

dj/bw (Reuters, AFP, dpa, AP)

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