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Fatih Akin

The German film director Fatih Akin rose to fame with his award-winning film from 2004, "Head-On," which received the Golden Bear award at the Berlinale, among other prizes.

Born in Hamburg in 1973, Fatih Akin's parents are from Turkey. The filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer and actor's works often explore the struggles of German-Turks searching for their own identity amidst different cultural influences. Along with "Head-On," "The Edge of Heaven" (2007) and "Soul Kitchen" (2009) have obtained several awards in festivals. He has also directed documentaries, such as "Crossing The Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul" (2005). In September 2016, his film "Tschick," based on the same-titled novel by Wolfgang Herrndorf, was released in theaters.

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