Eurostar train staff begin four-day strike over working conditions | News | DW | 12.08.2016
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Eurostar train staff begin four-day strike over working conditions

Train managers on Eurostar rail services between the UK and Europe have walked off the job, leading the company to cancel some trains. The union has said the strike is about a "work/life balance" dispute.

Dozens of Eurostar train managers kicked off a four-day strike on Friday by walking off the job and staging a protest at London's St. Pancras station.

However, the rail company said there would be minimal disruptions to its services.

"We have made some small changes to our timetable with all passengers due to travel on affected trains notified in advance to allow them to change their booking to another train on the same day," Eurostar said in a statement.

On their website, Eurostar already canceled train two services between London and Brussels on Friday as well as six trains running between London and Paris on Sunday and Monday.

As of Friday, the company said it did not expect any disruptions to its regular service on Saturday.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Worker's Union (RMT) said that its members are on strike due to a "fight for work/life balance," in a statement on Friday.

The union added that staff should have "a fair crack when it comes to anti-social hours," meaning working at nights.

RMT's general secretary Mick Cash said talks with Eurostar are set to be held on Friday morning.

The four-day strike comes during the summer holiday season in Europe and overlaps with a public holiday in France and Belgium on Monday. The union is set to hold a strike over the weekend of August 27, which is a public holiday in the UK.

Another union, the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA), also plans on holding strikes from August 14 -15 and August 28-29.

rs/kl (AP, AFP)

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