Europe′s Leaders Congratulate Bush | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 03.11.2004
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Europe's Leaders Congratulate Bush

Shortly after Kerry conceded defeat to Bush, France, England and Germany offered the President their congratulations. Experts say Europe is hoping for a new start.


Chirac, Schroeder and Blair extended warm congratulations

In telegrams or phone calls that echoed each other in tone, Great Britain, France and Germany emphasized the importance of rebuilding a strong transatlantic relationship in President Bush's second term.

With the world facing "great challenges" such as terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons, poverty and climate change, the US and Europe needed to stand together, wrote Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

"These challenges can only be faced together," Schroeder wrote in a letter to Bush.

French look forward to better relationship

France, one of the Iraq war's fiercest opponents, quickly congratulated Bush on his victory in a move many analysts saw as an indication of how eager France is get relations back on track.

French President Jacques Chirac who for a long time was not on speaking terms with Bush faxed a letter extending his "warmest congratulations."

"Our cooperation, our joint fight against terrorism and our efforts to promote freedom and democracy must continue to develop in a spirit of dialogue, esteem and mutual respect," Chirac wrote.

The US Ambassador to France, Howard H. Leach, said Washington had a vested interest in patching up transatlantic ties.

"I'm sure (Bush) is going to want to extend his relationship with France because it works best for both France and the United States when we are friends," he told CNN.

Great Britain's Tony Blair, whose popularity has taken a heavy blow because of his steadfast support for the Iraq war, said he America's strongest ally would continue to stand at its side. In a speech before reporters he said Middle East Peace was one of the most pressing challenges facing Bush and the world in his second term.

"The need to revitalize the Middle East peace process is the single most pressing political challenge in our world today," Blair said.

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  • Date 03.11.2004
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