Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 28.12.2013
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this episode: A mountain architect, Daniel Achilles from Berlin has been voted Gault Millau Chef of the Year 2014, artist Thomas Kluge, food pairing, and snowmobiling in Sweden.

Snowmobiling in Sweden

Driving a snowmobile through northern Sweden is a great way to see this winter wonderland and check out the gourmet delicacies of the Sami minority.

Food Pairing

The Belgian duo of chef Peter Couquyt and scientist Bernard Lahousse are identifying foods whose tastes go together well, and finding out why. They carry out most of their work at their testing kitchen at the "Sense for Taste" agency in Bruges. One example: Combining chocolate mousse with freshly ground coffee, crispy fried onions and breakfast bacon is delicious!

Portrait Painter Thomas Kluge

We visit the Danish artist in his atelier west of Copenhagen. He has just finished a grandiose portrait of the entire Danish royal family - something that hasn’t been done in 130 years. However, it's a controversial piece of work.

Daniel Achilles: Chef of the Year
Daniel Achilles is one of the top chefs in Germany. His restaurant “Reinstoff” specializes in turning locally-sourced regional ingredients into spectacular explosions of taste and texture. That’s why the Gault Millau restaurant guide has crowned him “Chef of the Year.”

Mountain Architect

In our series we feature six people who make a living for themselves up in the mountains. Today we look at the work of the international architectural firm Plasma Studio which has overcome the challenges of working at high altitudes and created some fascinating buildings. We meet architect Ulla Hell in Sexten, a village in the Italian Dolomites, who shows us around.

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