EU Refuses Special Status for Lego Building Blocks | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 12.11.2008
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EU Refuses Special Status for Lego Building Blocks

Danish toy maker Lego lost a legal battle to protect its trademark on iconic toy building blocks from European competition.

Six Lego blocks

The EU said nothing warrants extending protection for these blocks

The European Union's Court of First Instance turned down Lego's appeal to force the EU's trademarks and designs office to reissue its trademark for the shape of its standard red Lego brick with eight cylindrical knobs.

The EU court, however, sided with a 2004 decision made by the EU agency, which had canceled Lego's trademark after rival toy maker Canada's Mega Brands Inc. filed an appeal to Lego's application. Mega Brands produces similar plastic building blocks that compete with Lego.

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