Erfurt offers medieval charm | DW Travel | DW | 03.11.2010
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Erfurt offers medieval charm

A famed son of Erfurt, Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther studied theology in this central-eastern town in Germany's state of Thuringia. Nowadays, it offers more than just academic flair.

A bust of Martin Luther

Martin Luther left his mark in Erfurt

Martin Luther's Reformation changed the face of Germany and Europe, but some of Erfurt has remained much the same. It still boasts a beautiful medieval city center, but now also offers exciting nightlife.

The Kraemerbruecke in Erfurt

The Kraemerbruecke is lined with buildings

The stately Erfurt Cathedral (Mariendom) and Severikirche, which stand side-by-side, look down over the city, while the Gera River and surrounding forests compose the picturescape landscape of this eastern town.

Steffi Heine is a University of Erfurt student with some hot tips on what to catch on a visit to this eastern city - the Mariendom cathedral, a stroll along Kraemer Bridge and the clubs and cafes in Michaeli Strasse.

Author: DW-TV (als)

Editor: Kate Bowen

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