Erdogan′s Turkey - So Long Europe? | All media content | DW | 02.12.2016
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Erdogan's Turkey - So Long Europe?

The European Parliament has called for a suspension of Turkey's bid to join the EU. Will this be the final straw for Erdogan's Turkey and the European Union? Our Guests: Gökcen Beyinli (Humboldt Univ.), Remzi Aru (ADD), Michael Thumann (Die Zeit).

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Our guests:

Gökcen Beyinli is a Turkish journalist and PhD candidate at Humboldt University. She says: “Turkey has been a part of Europe for centuries, it belongs to the EU, not Erdoğan. Accession talks should continue despite Erdogan`s endeavors to exit."


Remzi Aru is a Turkish-German businessman and founder of the party Alliance of German Democrats. His Opinion: “Fortunately, Turkey is no longer obedient to Europe. But, relations will inevitably continue, either in a win-win or lose-lose constellation. The ball is now in Europe.”


Michael Thumann writes about international politics for Die Zeit, where he also served as Turkey correspondent. He says: “The Turkish government is fighting a war not only against terrorists, but also against ordinary citizens. The EU has to address these problems, without burning bridges.”