Egypt riot police storm Cairo′s Tahrir Square | News | DW | 20.11.2013
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Egypt riot police storm Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egyptian police have fired tear gas to disperse stone-throwing protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The rally was commemorating the two-year anniversary of the deaths of dozens of anti-military protesters.

Several hundred riot police backed by armored vehicles stormed Tahrir Square shortly before midnight local time on Tuesday to clear a few dozen protesters throwing stones and fireworks. Police reportedly used tear gas and shots to push the protesters into nearby streets.

According to news agency AFP at least one person was killed and 16 were injured in the clashes. It was not immediately clear if the deceased was taking part in the demonstration.

Police reportedly intervened after protesters attempted to storm the headquarters of the Arab League, which is situated at the corner of the iconic square.

The protesters were marking the anniversary of the deaths of at least 43 protesters killed during a 2011 rally against the military government that held power for 17 months between the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and the election of his now deposed successor Mohammed Morsi in June 2012.

"I am here to retaliate for my friends killed in Mohamed Mahmud," said one protester, referring to the clashes in a street off Tahrir Square.

"No one has brought them their rights," added the protester, who gave his name as Mohamed.

Many in the crowd used the rally to voice opposition to those they felt had "betrayed" the principles of Egypt's 2011 revolution. Chants were heard against both deposed President Morsi and the "military junta," the army-appointed interim government that replaced him in July this year.

More than 1,000 people have been killed and thousands more arrested in a crackdown on Morsi supporters since his ouster.

Neither Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood nor the Tamarod movement, which organized rallies calling for his ouster, called for Tuesday's demonstration.

ccp/av (AFP, Reuters)