DW′s climate series puts spotlight on water and coral reefs | Press Releases | DW | 30.08.2012
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Press Releases

DW's climate series puts spotlight on water and coral reefs

Global Ideas, DW's series on climate protection, is exploring the topic of water to coincide with the World Water Week in Stockholm. It is also producing an online documentary that explores the world of coral.

The multimedia climate series Global Ideas showcases projects geared towards sustainable climate protection in developing and transition countries. It is one of the most comprehensive websites reporting on such a wide range of topics related to climate change.

Parallel to the World Water Week - an annual global conference on water issues currently running in Stockholm - the series offers users an animated feature that answers the question, "What causes ocean acidification?" Available in English, German, Spanish and Arabic, it explains complex processes using easy-to-understand graphics and animations. In addition, the water conference is accompanied by regular blog and Facebook entries.

"The demand for explanations and information relating to climate change topics is great," commented Manuela Kasper-Claridge, who heads DW’s Business Desk, including the Global Ideas project. "We respond with a multimedia offering that reaches many viewers and users: online documentaries, interactive video-audio slideshows and Web 2.0 for Internet-savvy users, detailed TV reports for worldwide audiences, and online articles and features for those interested in background information."

Underwater adventure

In September, Global Ideas will also release an interactive web documentary with spectacular footage and pictures exploring an underwater world that few people ever get to see in real life: the coral reefs of the southern Pacific Ocean. DW reporters visited the islands of Vanuatu and took a dive into the surrounding seas to show the splendor and importance of coral reefs, as well as explain why they are under threat and what can be done to save them.

The multilingual Global Ideas series consists of more than 160 features, focusing on people and projects around the world with innovative ideas to combat climate change. All projects presented have qualified to be role models in their respective fields.

In addition, 18 information films complete with infographics highlight and explain the issues surrounding climate change. Five web documentaries offer young users an interactive and playful way to get to grips with this important issue.

The TV reports are shown within DW’s globalization magazine GLOBAL 3000, broadcast by around 2,500 partner stations, as well as on the Global Ideas website: www.ideasforacoolerworld.org. In addition to national and international online partner platforms, the multimedia special is also distributed via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and as podcasts via RSS feed and iTunes.

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Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

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