Down the Danube | Inside Europe | DW | 22.08.2006
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Inside Europe

Down the Danube

Take a trip down this famous river with Inside Europe.


Europe's "Queen of Rivers" is not just any waterway. Travel its entire length and you'll see Europe's pristine nature, experience some of its wildest nightlife, meet smugglers and crooks, and visit a city devastated by war. You'll have passed through 10 countries and journeyed 2,780 kilometers.

This is the Danube, Europe's longest river and the only major European waterway to flow from West to East -- originating in Germany's Black Forest mountains and emptying into the Black Sea on the Romanian coast.

Join Inside Europe correspondents as they travel "Down the Danube" and explore Europe's most international waterway -- from political and economic aspects to environmental concerns.

The "Down the Danube" series was produced with the support of the European Commission.

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