Dossier: The Return of Religion | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 14.09.2007
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Dossier: The Return of Religion

Deutsche Welle takes a closer look at the power of religion in today's globalized world.

A cross, a crescent and a star of david

Globalization is turning out to be both a curse and a blessing: During times of limitless communication, everything seems possible -- but nothing is stable. Whether they want to or not, people are swept away by the current of change.

The search for orientation in this world is immense and many people look to religion for support and answers. Be it the pope, who is celebrated like a pop star in the West, or Islamist groups that are finding more followers in the Arab world, religion is once again an issue. It gives them spiritual strength.

But religion is also a power that feeds conflicts and is abused for political interests.

What does this return to religion mean in times of globalization? In features, interviews and analyses, Deutsche Welle tries to find answers in this dossier. Please click on the links below to join the search.

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