Digital media for children and teens | Shift Videos | DW | 03.01.2017
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Shift Videos

Digital media for children and teens

Many parents feel overwhelmed by the role of digital media in their children's lives. Often, they tread a thin line between restrictions and encouragement.

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Digital media for children and teens

Digital media have become a dominant part of everyday life for children and teenagers. By the age of ten, almost all children regularly surf the internet, whether from PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets. And they feel more at home with social networks and messenger services than their parents ever could. Mom and Dad often have trouble keeping up with digital world' rapid-fire development. Conflicts in family life are all but pre-programmed. Bones of contention may be how long kids are allowed to be online and what they can see. The training facility Bits21 advises parents about handling digital media.  

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