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Debris from missing stealth jet found, US military says

September 19, 2023

Parts of the F-35B Lightning II jet were found in South Carolina. The jet had been missing since Sunday, when its pilot ejected following a "mishap."

Lockheed Martin F-35 jets on an airfield.
The F-35B Lightning II boasts advanced stealth capabilities and integrated avionicsImage: picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild

The US military said Monday it had found debris from a stealth aircraft that went missing off the coast of the state of South Carolina.

Parts of the F-35 jet were found in Williamsburg county, South Carolina, the Joint Base Charleston said, following the aircraft's disappearance on Sunday.

"Members of the community should avoid the area as the recovery team secures the debris field," military officials said in a statement on social media platform X.

How did the F-35 go missing?

The US military lost track of its $80 million (€75 million) stealth jet after an unspecified technical "mishap" had caused the pilot to eject on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities subsequently turned to the public to help find the missing aircraft.

The F-35 is built by US defense contractor Lockheed Martin and is considered one of the most advanced military jets in the world.

fg/jsi (afp, dpa)

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