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Debarati Guha

Senior editor focusing on politics, social structure in South Asia and gender related issues

For Debarati, personal is political. She loves to tell compelling and exciting stories about people's lives and challenges. For her, these experiences are rooted in their political situations and gender inequality.

Debarati Guha comes from a multiethnic, multilingual family and developed an early interest in different cultures, religions and politics. A Bengali at heart, she had firsthand experience in dealing with the trauma of partition during the liberation war of Bangladesh and witnessed poverty in its crudest form.

She started her journalistic career in 2003 in India and has since covered many South Asian and international political events. Her interviewees include high-ranking South Asian politicians and intellectuals, such as Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Indian writer and diplomat Shashi Tharoor and world-renowned economist Prof. Amartya Sen. Debarati has lived in Germany since 2005.

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