Death toll rises in Glasgow pub helicopter crash | News | DW | 30.11.2013
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Death toll rises in Glasgow pub helicopter crash

Scottish police say eight people were killed when a police helicopter crashed into a Glasgow pub. Officials says all three crew members aboard died along with five people found inside the building.

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Fatal Scottish helicopter crash

The area surrounding the Clutha pub was cordoned off throughout Saturday while emergency services worked to stabilize the building and search through the wreckage.

Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House confirmed that the two police officers and civilian pilot aboard the police service helicopter, a Eurocopter EC135 T2, were killed along with five people inside the pub. He also said 14 people remained with serious injuries in Glasgow hospitals.

He told reporters the rescue mission was complex and ongoing and would not be quick. "We are dealing with a very sensitive investigation and operation here. It will go on for many days yet," he said, also commending the courage of the people of Glasgow "who, heedless for their own safety, took action last night at the time of the incident, and the many acts of kindness we've seen since."

On Saturday morning, police had warned the death toll from the Friday night incident was expected to rise. Throughout Saturday, which was Scotland's St. Andrew's Day holiday, people laid flowers near the pub and flags were flown at half-mast.

Footage from the scene showed that the aircraft had crashed into the pub, on the north bank of the River Clyde in the city center. The crash happened at 10:25 p.m. local time on Friday night (1025 UTC).

Witnesses told British media that the helicopter came down on the pub "like a stone" but there was no explosion or fire.

Pub packed during crash

More than 100 people were reported to have been inside the building at the time, watching a concert by a local band.

Local member of parliament Jim Murphy, who was driving past when the crash happened, told the BBC he got out of his car to try and help people.

"Everyone formed a chain of people from inside the pub to outside, and the fire brigade and everyone were here very quickly," Murphy said.

se/hc, ipj (AFP, dpa, AP, Reuters)

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