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Autorenbild Dave Braneck
Image: privat

Dave Braneck

Reporter covering German football, fan culture, and politics in sports

Dave has been covering German football for nearly a decade, and at DW since 2018.

He’s been writing about football since 2009, when he began covering Major League Soccer and the United States men’s national team for a local newspaper in New Jersey.

He moved to Germany in 2014 to pursue a master’s degree in politics and history and began reporting on German football shortly after his arrival. Given his background and ongoing reporting on German and US politics for other publications, Dave typically focuses on the convergences between sports and politics. In addition to Bundesliga coverage, he frequently writes about grassroots football, fan culture, and finance in sports.

Dave also writes and presents for DW’s YouTube channel, Kick off! and is an editor for DW’s TV sports programming. If you detect any bias in his reporting on Berlin football, it might have to do with the fact that Dave is an Union Berlin member.

Dave is also frequently a guest lecturer at the Politics Department of Bard College Berlin.

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