Crime Fighters: The Plastic Challenge | Crime Fighters | DW | 24.03.2021

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Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters: The Plastic Challenge

In Songa town, stallholders like Mama Rosa are facing increasing difficulties to comply with a national plastic ban. Her son, Kalulu, saw a man lying dead in the river. Who is he and what is behind his death?

The fight against plastic waste proves to be urgent in the small town of Songa, as floods favored by poor waste disposal and worsened by the wrongdoings of politicians inflict the population. We follow Mama Rosa and her children Kalulu and Gammy, whose friend Ananda has been worried about his missing father. What happened to him? This thrilling audio story features how dwellers can demand action by politicians and develop ideas for a better, more sustainable and safer future. This story was written by James Muhando (Kenya). 

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