Court permits tax evasion charges against Bayern boss Hoeness | News | DW | 04.11.2013
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Court permits tax evasion charges against Bayern boss Hoeness

A regional court in Munich has permitted a public prosecutor's pursuit of tax evasion charges against Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness. The trial is scheduled to begin in March.

Monday's announcement from the higher regional court in Munich means the court has decided to hear the case that public prosecutors announced in July where Hoeness was charged with tax evasion.

It was up to the economic crimes chamber of the court to decide if it would admit the charges. Four days have been set aside for the trial, which is scheduled to start on March 10, 2014.

Hoeness, a former soccer player and current president of Bayern Munich, made a voluntary tax disclosure about a previously undeclared Swiss bank account to German finance authorities in January. But public prosecutors argued that Hoeness’ disclosure was incomplete.

“I am surprised that my corrected return isn’t considered sufficient,” Hoeness said in the Czech city of Pils, where Bayern Munich is set to compete in a Champions League match on Tuesday.

“We will do everything we can from now through the trial in March to convince the court of our arguments,” he added.

Bayern Munich is a powerhouse in German soccer and last season won the Bundesliga, German Cup, and Champions League titles.

Bayern's board have stood by Hoenessdespite the investigation, refusing to accept the former player and general manager's offer to suspend himself from club duties in May.

Mz,slk/jlw (Reuters, SID, AFP)