Countries with the most blocks on Facebook content | Shift-Ranking | DW | 13.10.2016
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Countries with the most blocks on Facebook content

How often does Facebook get government requests for user data?

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Countries with the most blocks on Facebook content

That's what the social network's regular transparency reports reveal. Often posts are deleted or blocked in certain countries.

n fifth position: Israel. Here, this happened 431 times last year. Often this was connected to denials of the Holocaust.  

At number 4 is Germany. The amount of blocked content increased massively last year. Extreme right-wing posts and hate speech were the most affected. But in absolute terms, the numbers remain low - 554 blocks in total. 

In third place is Turkey. The Turkish government doesn't exactly promote freedom of expression on Facebook. Especially when it comes to Kurdish symbols and the protection of national security. Posts about certain people are also closely watched. Over 6,500 posts were removed last year. 

The runner-up is India where the government pays close attention to anti-religious posts and hate speech. Over 30,000 facebook entries have been blocked. 

In the top spot is France. Nearly 38,000 pieces of content were blocked last year. Some 32,000 of them were copies of the same photo from the terrorist attack on the Paris concert hall, the Bataclan, last November.


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