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Coronavirus: Two-thirds of Germans willing to be vaccinated

December 25, 2020

A poll has shown a large majority of people in Germany want to receive the vaccine which is due for rollout on December 27. Nevertheless, more than half of the survey's participants were concerned about side effects.

BioNtech-Pfizer vaccine
Germany is set to begin vaccinating people on December 27Image: Danny Lawson/empics/picture alliance

Almost two-thirds of Germans have shown a willingness to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by news agency DPA. 

Indeed, many are in a hurry to be vaccinated, with 32% saying they wanted it to happen as soon as possible.

A further 33% said they were happy to receive the vaccine, but were slightly more hesitant as they wanted to wait and see what kind of effect it has on recipients.

Some 19% said they do not want to receive the vaccine at all, while 16% remain undecided. 

Side effect worries

More than half of the respondents — 57% — said they were concerned about the potential side effects of being inoculated.

Germany plans to begin its vaccination program on December 27, giving priority to those aged 80 and above, as well as people living and working in care homes.

Health care workers at risk of infection, including those working in emergency rooms and in intensive care units, will also be prioritized.

The YouGov survey found that those who were older were more keen to be vaccinated, with 71% of those above the age of 55 willing, compared to 54% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 sharing the same enthusiasm.

Coronavirus vaccine rollout

Political clues

The way someone was likely to vote also gave an indication of their keenness to receive the jab.

Almost half of supporters of the far-right Alternative for Germany party — 49% — showed a reluctance to be vaccinated, the survey showed.

Green Party voters demonstrated no such hesitation, however, with 82% saying they wanted to receive the vaccine.

Some 2,035 people took part in the survey. It was conducted between December 21 and December 23.

John Silk Editor and writer for English news, as well as the Culture and Asia Desks.@JSilk