Coronavirus digest: US surpasses 700,000 COVID deaths | News | DW | 02.10.2021

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Coronavirus digest: US surpasses 700,000 COVID deaths

The US COVID death toll has continued to sharply rise, despite the widespread availability of vaccines. Meanwhile, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro has said unvaccinated travelers are not welcome. Follow DW for the latest.

Two people sit in a Washington park near a sea of white flags

At a memorial in Washington, white flags represent the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths in the US

The COVID death toll in the United States passed the 700,000 mark on Friday, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Over 100,000 of these fatalities were reported over the past three to four months, as the highly contagious delta variant was spread during the summer by millions of people who have refused vaccines

Currently, around 55.7% of the US population is now fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An estimated 70 million eligible Americans remain unvaccinated.

Health officials have said the fourth wave of the pandemic has peaked overall in the US, particularly in the southern states, where the latest surge stretched hospitals to the limit just weeks ago. 

New cases and deaths in the US are now trending downward, although health experts are concerned about a potential renewed spike in cases in winter. 

Here are the latest major coronavirus developments from around the world:


Brazil's Supreme Court has upheld a requirement that all who visit Rio de Janeiro's tourist spots and many other public spaces must provide proof of COVID vaccination certificate from Friday.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes welcomed the court ruling, saying it would allow the city to welcome tourists without worry of spreading coronavirus. 

Pandemic forces Brazilians onto the streets

To unvaccinated people, Paes said: "Please don't come, you will not be welcome in Rio de Janeiro."

Brazil reported 18,578 new COVID cases within the past 24 hours and 506 deaths, the Health Ministry said on Friday. The South American country has now registered 21,445,651 cases since the pandemic began and over 597,000 deaths.

In a first for the US, COVID vaccinations will be compulsory for all students in the state of California.

The plan will be phased in as regulators from the US Food and Drug Administration work on granting vaccine approval for younger age groups.

Staying happy amid the pandemic


Lithuania has reintroduced a mask mandate for all people, including those who have a valid health passport, requiring them to wear a face mask when they are inside public buildings.

In the face of rising infections, the government has also recommended that state and private companies encourage employees to work from home, if possible.

The nationwide seven-day incidence of new COVID infections in Germany is at 64.4, according to the latest data shared Saturday by the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases.

Although the rolling average of cases has risen slightly, many states are continuing to ease pandemic-related restrictions on public life. Health experts, however, have warned that more people need to be vaccinated as the colder months arrive. 


Protesters took to the streets of Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city, to rally against a nearly two-month lockdown imposed in August following an uptick in COVID cases fueled by the delta variant. 

Although restrictions have been eased in most of New Zealand, the city of 1.7 million has remained under a strict lockdown

On Monday, New Zealand's government is set to decide whether to extend the measures.

Australia to reopen borders after more than a year