Constance - City on a Lake | Discover Germany | DW | 12.04.2014
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Discover Germany

Constance - City on a Lake

The Alps as a backdrop and water right up to the horizon. That's what makes Constance so special: a lively university town with a venerable history and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

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In the Middle Ages, the beautiful city of Constance was the site of the Council of Constance, the ecumenical council that took place from 1414 to 1418, and which, among other things, put an end to the Papal schism in the western Roman Catholic church. Even back then, the lakeside location must have been impressive. Constance is surrounded on three sides by Lake Constance. Nowadays students at the prestigious University of Constance enjoy the privilege of being here and add to the relaxed atmosphere with their lifestyle.

baroque palace in Mainau

baroque palace in Mainau

In addition, there's the almost Mediterranean climate around Lake Constance. Some two million visitors a year come to admire the splendid flowers on the island of Mainau. The family of Count Bernadotte still resides there in a Baroque palace.