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Commemoration of the destruction of Dresden's Frauenkirche

February 11, 2015

Dresden's Frauenkirche is a visible symbol of the city's bombing during World War II. On Friday, to mark the 70th anniversary of the destruction, German President Joachim Gauck will hold a memorial speech in the church.

Frauenkirche church in Dresden
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Hiekel

The focus will be on rememberance, both the destruction, but also the relationship between action and consequence. "It is an emblem of working peace," stressed Roger Mielke of the Evangelistic Church in Germany (EKD). Dresden was heavily bombed during the Second World War and largely destroyed. In the centre of the city the Frauenkirche was reduced to a pile of rubble - and was only rebuilt in 2005.

Since the consecration of the new building more than 18 million people have visited the restored Frauenkirche – and with 280 couples married and around 800 people baptized the church is finding it hard to keep up with demand.

2015 also marks the 10th anniversary of the church's reconstruction, with numerous concerts scheduled to be staged from 22.-31.October - including a performance in the baroque landmark by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. Solo artists such as violinist Daniel Hope and pianist Martin Stadtfeld will also perform.

The Dresden Frauenkirche remains one of the city's leading attractions and a key landmark, next to the Zwinger palace and the Semper Opera House.

ey / at (dpa, afp)

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