Carry it on your tongue: German ′heart′ idioms | Meet the Germans | DW | 12.02.2021

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Meet the Germans

Carry it on your tongue: German 'heart' idioms

What is lying on your heart? Or more alarmingly, why has your heart slipped into your pants? The German language is filled with idioms with the word "heart."

You can pour out your heart to someone. You can wear your heart on your tongue. You can lose your heart to someone, or more poetically, gift it to someone. Though many people say the German language is hard on the ears, it is certainly rich in idioms related to the symbol of love.

Not only has the heart inspired expressions and countless poems, pictures, songs and other artworks, the image of it conveys everything. Think of the "I Love New York" logo. Think of the endless heart emojis on social media. Both would be unimaginable without that symbol.

This Valentine's Day, we look at some of the many vivid German phrases involving the heart — click on the picture gallery to find out what they are!

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