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Theresa May
Image: Getty Images/AFP/L. Marin

UK media: Cabinet revolts against May

March 23, 2019

Multiple UK outlets are reporting that Theresa May's Cabinet is now refusing to support her premiership and is asking her to step down. An interim leader would then oversee Brexit negotiations.


UK media reported late on Saturday that Prime Minister Theresa May was facing a Cabinet revolt and may have to resign immediately.

The move comes just days ahead of a planned third vote on May's twice-rejected Brexit deal.

What we know so far:

  • The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail reported on the potential coup, citing Conservative MPs.
  • All said an interim leader would be appointed to oversee the last weeks of Brexit negotiation.
  • The Daily Mail tabloid said Environment Secretary Michael Gove would likely take temporary leadership before a full contest in the summer.

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'A mockery'

The Times political editor Tim Shipman said, "Cabinet ministers have turned on May in a spectacular fashion," and are pressuring her to leave, though she has still not made a firm decision to do so. He added that May's husband was one of the few urging her to try and stay on as prime minister.

Pro-Brexit Conservative MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan told The Telegraph that the way May "allowed herself to be treated in Brussels made a mockery of taking back control."

Buzzfeed News said government whip Paul Maynard told May her strategy was both failing and destroying their party.

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Conservative MP George Freeman summed up the political mood, saying, "You can see the anger."

Street protests: Earlier on Saturday, more than one million people took to the streets of London to demand a second referendum, and an end to two years of political uncertainty.

Second vote: UK lawmakers voted this week to postpone the deadline for a deal by a few weeks after failing to reach a consensus. The new deadline for a deal is April 12, to avoid having Britain field candidates for the upcoming EU elections in May.

es/aw (AP, Reuters)

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