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Belgrade could see Cairo-level heat by 2050

July 11, 2024

Urban green spaces are essential for air quality and help balance city temperatures. In Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, large-scale construction has significantly reduced the percentage of urban green cover, thus contributing to unbearable heat waves in summer.


Environment experts say the prizing of private interests over public benefit is the main reason why urban green spaces — which are essential for air quality and the regulation of temperatures — are being replaced by concrete buildings.

This phenomenon is on the rise in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, where the concrete jungle is spreading, robbing the city of its green cover. This, coupled with climate change, means that summers in Belgrade are becoming unbearable. 

In fact, Serbian meteorologists expect weather conditions in the city to be similar to those in Egypt's capital, Cairo, by 2050. 

Headshot of a smiling man (Luka Stokic) with short brown hair and glasses
Luka Stokic Contributor from Serbia, weather forecast presenter, journalist, reporter