Bus, Hostel & Co. - Travelling on a Budget! | DW Travel | DW | 27.04.2016
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Bus, Hostel & Co. - Travelling on a Budget!

From Leipzig to Berlin and on to the Baltic on 200 euros. Two students take the challenge, using various alternative offers for hotel stays and rail tickets. Can they do it on 200 euros?

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Bus, Hostel & Co. - Travelling on a Budget!

When young people travel, their budgets are generally minimal. So we set out to discover Germany on the cheap with a little experiment: two students had to take a three-day trip on just 200 euros.

They took a bus from Leipzig to Berlin, checked into a hostel, and then hit the streets to sample the local nightlife. Then they caught a ride to a campground on the Baltic Sea. When they tallied up their cash, they found they still had forty euros - enough for the return trip.

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