Bundesliga clubs call for redistribution of TV money | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 30.03.2016
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Bundesliga clubs call for redistribution of TV money

Six Bundesliga clubs have banded together to call for a change in how revenue from the sale of television rights is distributed. They argue that a team's marketing potential should be taken into account.

VfB Stuttgart posted a statement online on Wednesday that said they had been joined by Hertha Berlin, Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne in the group calling for change.

As things stand, TV money comprises one even payment to all clubs and then prize money paid according to where their position in the standings of Germany's top two leagues.

"The league position is only one criterion of several that play a role in determining how attractive a game is for fans and television channels," Stuttgart President Bernd Wahler said.

"We need a third column. Whoever increases the value of our communal Bundesliga product, because they have many fans and a lot of public interest, should be considered in the division of the income."

The six clubs involved all have large followings but haven’t enjoyed much success of late. Other clubs like Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen have fewer fans but large corporate backing which has helped them qualify for the Champions League. Both sides were in this year’s competition.

The clubs intend to make proposals which could alter the distribution of cash from the next television deal, which is to come take effect in 2017.

mp/pfd (dpa, SID)

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