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Bring Back the Dodo - Reconstructing an Extinct Species

May 5, 2023

First Frankenstein’s dangerous artificial monster. Then Jurassic Park's dinosaurs. Now, the dodo.

Image: Imago/StockTrek Images/D. Eskridge

A colossal biosciences company wants to revive the extinct bird. But scientific challenges, like genome editing, are huge, and ethical questions remain.

Also on Tomorrow Today:


Antwerpen Labor zur Untersuchung von PFAS-Abfällen
Image: David Pintens/Belga/dpa/picture alliance

PFAS: Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances

You can't see, smell, or taste them, but they're in our food, water, and blood: PFAS. Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, invented in the 1940s, are very strong chemical compounds between carbon and fluorine. They decompose only at temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius or under very high pressure. They are toxic, considered carcinogenic, and found all over the world.



Goldfisch im Plastikbeutel
Image: blickwinkel/IMAGO

Just ask! How do fish sleep?

This week's question for Tomorrow Today comes from Romina Roncal in Peru.





Symbolbild | Wasser
Image: Anton Eine/PantherMedia

Droplet Research

What does a drop in the bucket do? Anne Geppert wants to know this and what happens when water droplets hit a slope, paint mist meets metal, or pesticide fog hits plant leaves. The Stuttgart researcher studies droplets' impact on various surfaces.




Laser von TRUMPF soll Blitze aus Gewitterwolken gezielt ablenken
Image: Martin Stollberg/TRUMPF

Laser as lightning rod

Lightning strikes can be fatal -- sending 100 million volts into the human body within 0.02 seconds, causing instant death via cardiac arrest. They kill dozens globally each year. An EU project hopes to use lasers to contain the discharges.




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