Brexit, the Brits and another ′no′ in the House of Commons | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 19.10.2019
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Brexit, the Brits and another 'no' in the House of Commons

Finally, a Brexit deal? Well, apparently not quite. The UK's lower house of parliament, the House of Commons, loves to vote "no" and to push for delays. This is tough for politicians but great fun for cartoonists.

Most people in the UK and in Europe are sick and tired by now of hearing the eternal "no" coming from the British House of Commons pertaining to all things Brexit. With another vote on Saturday effectively calling for a further delay of Brexit, the future of UK-EU relations are once more the subject of question — and ridicule.

For Spanish illustrator Miguel Fernandez, this merely is another opportunity to poke fun at the Brits. Usually focusing on typically German traits in his illustrations in his work for DW, Fernandez just couldn't resist the lure of Brexit — which, after all, has become somewhat of a permanent fixture in the German news as well.

'No' to Brexit news

In other Brexit-related news, especially within the context of people getting tired of hearing "no" from UK politicians, Sky News has launched a Brexit-free news channel.

One out of three people surveyed in the UK said they no longer watched the news because they were tired of the unending back and forth on Brexit — the public debate on which now dates back to 2016, when the UK first voted to leave the European Union.

The regular Sky News channel will of course continue to report about the UK's exit from the EU — and probably for some time to come.

British humor?

DW cartoonist Fernandez isn't the only one to lampoon the ongoing Brexit drama, of course. The wrangling over the "deal or no deal" question is a topic that keeps surfacing across social media, too.