Brazil aims for sunnier future | Global Ideas | DW | 18.06.2013
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Global Ideas

Brazil aims for sunnier future

Brazil is a sunny place but so far there are few efforts to harness solar energy. Now, it's hoped the country’s largest solar plant will supply clean power as well as provide an impetus for renewable energy.


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Project type: Generating electricity from solar energy
Project goal: Establishing solar power as an important energy source
Project size: The plant is to generate one megawatt of energy. That can provide at least 2,000 households with electricity
Project volume: Germany’s International Climate Initiative has provided 2.8 million euros ($3.73 million) in funding

Brazil has the potential to be a world leader in solar energy. So far however, the country hasn't been doing much. Solar technology is still in its infancy here. But with help from Germany's International Climate Initiative (IKI), the country's largest solar plant is slowly taking shape. The pilot project is meant to provide an impetus for further investors to place their money on solar technology. It’s also meant to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy among Brazilians. Since last December, privately generated solar energy can be fed into the electricity grid. A few communities have already begun outfitting homes with solar panels.

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