Book tips from travel bloggers | DW Travel | DW | 19.10.2016
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Book tips from travel bloggers

A holiday trip without a book? These travel experts say it's impossible to imagine. In our series, every day a blogger recommends books to travel with.

Name: Maria Anna Schwarzberg

Age: 27 

Occupation: Freelance Copywriter, Photographer

Blogging since: 2015

Most Recent Trip: Croatia

Next Trip: Nova Scotia, Canada & Maine, United States

Blog: Digitale Nomaden Fotografin


DW: Which books have helped you prepare for your trips?

I like to go for the full travel experience: films, food, and books. Those small, practical Marco Polo travel guides for cities are the most reliable, in my opinion. They come complete with maps, and they're still small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. If I'm travelling in open country, I use the Travel Guides by Reise Know How. They're particularly thorough. I also like to bring along a few novels or crime novels that are set in the country that I'm visiting.

Which book did you take along on your last trip?

I'm a big fan of print editions, so I always try to take at least two with me. One of the books I took on my last trip was one I always enjoy reading: "Michael Strogoff - The courier of the czar" - an adventure novel by Jules Verne. Verne was a visionary. He wrote real adventure stories that still grab readers today. 

Which book has saved the day for you at some point?

Actually, books save the day every day. I hardly ever leave the house without one - so if I get stuck somewhere, I've got something to read. I like the way books smell and feel. I like to collect them, and they look great in the bookcase. I can just grab one, and start reading. Reading is a very sensible way to spend your time.

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