Black Forest - Sustainable Tourism | On Tour | DW | 21.10.2013
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On Tour

Black Forest - Sustainable Tourism

The Black Forest fascinates visitors with its dense woodlands, deep lakes and cuckoo clocks.



Tourists are almost magically drawn to its countryside and customs.

To protect the natural surroundings, tourist authorities support sustainable tourism. Hoteliers in the nature reserve, such as Klaus-Günther Wiesler, offer cuisine based on regional ingredients, thus supporting local producers. A visit to a farm can be a culinary delight. We go to Ospelehof farm, where Martin Braun makes cheese. Most holiday-makers prefer to enjoy the natural landscape in the Black Forest by hiking, and many of them visit the area's highest mountain, the Feldberg. In the past, the natural environment suffered. Rare plants were often destroyed or damaged when people strayed from the trails. That's why there's now a guided route along marked trails that allows tourists to actively enjoy nature without endangering protected plants.

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Black Forest - Tourism and tradition

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